Architecture, meet typeface


It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted anything in my blog! Anywho, as much as I always say I’m going to devote more time to my blog I realize that I’m ALWAYS writing the same promise. I love all things beautiful, in particularly design, art, style, and typography. However, I usually just tweet something really quickly or upload it to my Pinterest.

As such, I’ve been quite busy with projects and school. I recently returned from a trip to NYC! My, it was such an amazing experience! First time in NYC…ever! The people there are quite friendly (contrary to stereotypes about ‘New Yawkers’).  Great city of culture, art, design, culinary tastes, and of course architecture – but I don’t have to tell you that about NYC!

The last time I saw some amazing architecture was my time in Turkey (specifically Istanbul). There, it seemed everywhere I turned I was in awe of the beautiful works of historical buildings and use of typography.

Geray Gencer, a Turkish lettering artist and graphic designer, perfectly marries the structural aspects of Istanbul’s architecture and typography. Here, he pays homage to the beautiful historical monuments of Istanbul with amazing typography. Very beautiful!

Yedi Tepe / PosterIstanbul Deke

 Artwork and design © geray gencer.


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