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On Parr


Happy New Year (belated) and Gung Hei Fat Choi (also belated). We’re well into 2013 (and the beginning of the year of the Snake). I hope you all had a lovely month and a half so far and I wish you a happy and harmonious 2013! My first post for 2013 comes from an uber […]

Page Turner


I’m totally jealous that Jean Paul Gaultier made a stop in Montreal. JPG attended the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’ opening of The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk. One of the first international exhibition devoted to the couture extraordinaire. Absolutely adore his work. He seems to turn everything […]

Paper Trail


Well, I’ll be off to the land of Havana in minus 3 days! A and I booked a last minute trip to Cuba and hopefully be taking in some nice R&R by the beach! So look for some (hopefully) fab pics to come! My next blog will be devoted to some pictures and a taste […]

Rorschach Test


Part of my university studies involved art history and anthropology classes (well, anthropology in the sense of sociology and cultural society). As such, the infamous Rorschach came into play in regards to how the mind sees imagery and colours (or what we see or visualize the representation). I recently came across American design Matt W. […]

Rainbow Brite


I’m about done with winter now. I know it’s only November but here on the West Coast, the temperatures have fallen (ok -6C but still!) and it actually snowed over the weekend (not much to shut down anything but this is Vancouver). Also, it doesn’t help with the dreary gray environment just make it ‘blah!’. […]

So as it stands it is now 2 weeks before I go on my big European Tour!  So excited! I’m actually quite excited about the sights I plan on seeing and all of the endless pictures I plan on taking – who knows what I’ll find? Today I came across beautiful, yet haunting, installation design […]

Oh I’m so late! I’ve been caught up in the land of twitter as well as work/school. Never fear! I have found something today to post! After saying I’d post more a few weeks back – I end up posting less Never fear – I did find  a beautiful campaign developed by M&C Saatchi for […]