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Rock your world


Just a quickie post today 😦 However, I just couldn’t resist posting this beautiful poster design and concept! Developed and conceptualized by Taiwanese design, Andrew Wong, this exhibit design identity was done for Archi-work. From the website: Archi-Rock is organized by the architect and the institute of urban design, inviting designers from the fields of […]

Paper Trail


Well, I’ll be off to the land of Havana in minus 3 days! A and I booked a last minute trip to Cuba and hopefully be taking in some nice R&R by the beach! So look for some (hopefully) fab pics to come! My next blog will be devoted to some pictures and a taste […]

Kinetic Energy


When I was in Turkey this past summer, I noticed that one of the items people sold on the streets were those crazy kaleidoscope art work toys – you know the ones where you insert your pencil into the geometry like set and swirl it around in a circle? The crazy snergy as the seller […]

Rorschach Test


Part of my university studies involved art history and anthropology classes (well, anthropology in the sense of sociology and cultural society). As such, the infamous Rorschach came into play in regards to how the mind sees imagery and colours (or what we see or visualize the representation). I recently came across American design Matt W. […]

Time machine


I’m very much a tech oriented individual. As such, I rely on my iPhone and pop up reminders for daily tasks that may come about in a given day (with school, work and occasional freelance project, pop up reminders can be a godsend).  I do on occasion refer to my online calendar. However, I came […]

Ah welcome 2011! My blog is lately neglected; I post maybe once a week. Though I don’t believe in New Year’s resolution (only because I believe they will be broken in a few weeks), I will dedicate a new blog posting at least 2-3 times a week. I may not have the time to write […]

Ah, another year is coming to close. It’s been a year of ups and downs for everyone but I have a feeling the next year will more ups than downs! It’s hard to imagine I’ve been writing this blog for other a year (albeit sporadic but do get to post at least once a week). […]