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Chalk it up


My, my, my! The time has passed by so quickly and I’ve sorely neglected my blog Busy with work and other projects have taken me away from posting regularly. Things have finally died down a bit (better to be busy than not, right?). Though Vancouver is slowly falling into the winter months! Rain and gloom […]

Paper Trail


Well, I’ll be off to the land of Havana in minus 3 days! A and I booked a last minute trip to Cuba and hopefully be taking in some nice R&R by the beach! So look for some (hopefully) fab pics to come! My next blog will be devoted to some pictures and a taste […]

Ah welcome 2011! My blog is lately neglected; I post maybe once a week. Though I don’t believe in New Year’s resolution (only because I believe they will be broken in a few weeks), I will dedicate a new blog posting at least 2-3 times a week. I may not have the time to write […]

Ah, another year is coming to close. It’s been a year of ups and downs for everyone but I have a feeling the next year will more ups than downs! It’s hard to imagine I’ve been writing this blog for other a year (albeit sporadic but do get to post at least once a week). […]



I’ve mentioned in prior posts that I’m an avid reader. I have this thing where I will read massive a large volume of a great book in one sitting but yet have to read it all over again because I’m sure I missed some pages. I feel anxious to finish it, especially if it’s a […]

As I’ve written in previous posts, one of my favourite drinks that I’m absolutely addicted to is skim milk mochas. So today, I’ve decided to highlight two of those loves – chocolate and coffee. The first is this gorgeous chocolate design done by LaGrange 34 as collaboration between Jjuice Design Agency and Pasticceria Gertosio. It […]

Oh I’m so late! I’ve been caught up in the land of twitter as well as work/school. Never fear! I have found something today to post! After saying I’d post more a few weeks back – I end up posting less Never fear – I did find  a beautiful campaign developed by M&C Saatchi for […]