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Pop Art


Spring is upon us! It’s such a lovely day outside…it’s hard not to feel creative! I came across Jitish Patel, a designer based out of the U.K. His work has been seen internationally in advertising campaigns for French Connection, Esprit and Marriott Hotels. Additionally, his graphic illustrations has been printed and featured in numerous magazines […]

Why so serious?


YAY! Solstice happened yesterday and the sun finally made an appearance! I’m not digging the whole ‘days getting shorter’ gig. But I’m happy to see that summer has finally arrived! I’m also counting down the days to my Toronto trip – who knows what I’ll find there? I’ve found another beautiful packaging design on my […]

I’m back! As you may have noticed via my twitter feed that I have returned from my European tour! As such, I’m also VERY behind in my blog posts. I did take some photos of my trip, which I will post once I find the time to dissect them all and choose my favourite ones […]

I must apologise for the sporadic blog posts – I usually try to post at least twice a week (Tuesday and Thursdays) but I recently started a full time job in addition to school and other side jobs. But do not fret my pets – I will try to upload more fabulous finds in the […]

Stomping Ground


Have I ever posted that I love shoes? Of course I’m being absolutely fallacious as I have regularly posted my obsession with shoes (amongst other items). I came across the marrying of two gorgeous loves – beautiful architecture and shoes! United Nudes, an Amsterdam based shoe designer store developed was founded by Rem D Koolhaas […]

Just desserts


I love French pastries – my favourite thing to eat is profiterole or choux creme . It is soooo good with just the right amount of sweetness and dare I say “puffiness” 😀 Today, I came across Theurel & Thomas, first pâtisserie in Mexico specialized in French macarons, the most popular dessert of the French […]

Olive Juice


In my kitchen, I have a few essentials for cooking: Oregano, balsamic vinegar, kosher salt, soy sauce and of course olive oil.  Though you’d think I’d transfer one the olive oil in one of those nifty containers that dispenses the perfect amount of oil (I can never find the perfect container :/). I came across […]