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Pop Art


Spring is upon us! It’s such a lovely day outside…it’s hard not to feel creative! I came across Jitish Patel, a designer based out of the U.K. His work has been seen internationally in advertising campaigns for French Connection, Esprit and Marriott Hotels. Additionally, his graphic illustrations has been printed and featured in numerous magazines […]

Fit to a tea


Once again, I’ve decided to take a break from my skinny mochas. Not because I don’t enjoy the rich taste of chocolate and espresso, but because it’s starting to put a damper on my wallet. $5 per day can buy this mama a lot of pretty purses 😀 Though, now I just treat myself to […]

Pixel by Pixel


Yikes…and yikes! I haven’t added anything to my blog in over a month! Working full time plus one hellish semester left me little time to find anything (much less write about) to my blog. I’ve been tweeting here and there things that I find, but this past semester didn’t give me much of a chance […]

Rainbow Brite


I’m about done with winter now. I know it’s only November but here on the West Coast, the temperatures have fallen (ok -6C but still!) and it actually snowed over the weekend (not much to shut down anything but this is Vancouver). Also, it doesn’t help with the dreary gray environment just make it ‘blah!’. […]

T = Typeface


Yikes! I’m leaving for my big European Tour tomorrow! So my already sporadic blogs will become almost non-existent! Unless, of course, I happen to come across an internet café where I can post something really quick and fun! Never fear – I did find a few things before signing off for a few weeks. I […]

I must apologise for the sporadic blog posts – I usually try to post at least twice a week (Tuesday and Thursdays) but I recently started a full time job in addition to school and other side jobs. But do not fret my pets – I will try to upload more fabulous finds in the […]

When I was younger – I generally avoided adding salt to anything. More so, because I wasn’t too keen on the taste. As my tastes matured (or so I think!) I’ve come to understand that a delicate dash of high end salt (or kosher salt) is enough to enhance the flavour of many meals. Check […]