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Rainbow Brite


I’m about done with winter now. I know it’s only November but here on the West Coast, the temperatures have fallen (ok -6C but still!) and it actually snowed over the weekend (not much to shut down anything but this is Vancouver). Also, it doesn’t help with the dreary gray environment just make it ‘blah!’. […]

Happy Friday y’all! I hope you are gearing up for a fantastic long weekend! Me, I’m off to visit my parents in Saskatchewan and A is coming along for the ride 😀 As summer approaches, I’m sure everyone is planning their fabulous vacations. Today I came across the newly opened Pantone Hotel in Brussels! Impeccably […]

Double Trouble


Today, I noticed a few of my black fave items that were once a luxurious black has now turned into this in between black and grey (maybe charcoal?). And being as cheap as I am (as well I  cannot part with my favourite items) I choose to dye them back to their once glorious colour. […]

Happy Friday everyone – Another gorgeous day has arrived in Vancouver. As I’ve posted before – I love colour. Bright, Powerful, and Awe Inspiring colour schemes and palettes. In my search for all things beautiful, I came across RGB. RGB is a collection of wallpapers designed by Carnovsky, where R (Red) G (Green) B (Blue) […]

Colour glory


Adobe has this fantastic web application for choosing colours named Kuler. If you are in a creative funk or need some inspiration…this is one kool moe dee place to check out. You can upload photos and have Kuler sample the image – the application will show you the colour range. Or you can type in […]

colour lu-vah

14Sep09 One of the thing I love most about Design is the usage of colour. I love this site – what’s hot in colour…upcoming trends. Colour and pattern palettes to die for. One of the recent trends coming up – reds and greys, metallics (in particularly gold). Purple and mauves (my fave colour) are still […]