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I’ve never been one to eat a lot of fast food. In my early 20s when I had no time or cash (going to school and working) fast food was one of my main source of meals (given the quickness and inexpensive values of such food). McDonalds is one of the most recognisable brands in […]



I have lost another mouse! I had an apple mighty mouse … that I left in Atlanta about a year ago. So I bought another one (bluetooth) by Logitech which worked splendidly…and then I left it at school! Since it is a night class – the chances are it didn’t get turned in. Due to […]

I had the great privilege of attending school with some great designers. During the duration of the program, these people were like family for a few semesters. Late night projects, beers after class and just plain hanging out. One of the designers, Kris Blizzard, whom I went to school with, is now Creative Director of […]

Bling Bling….


I’ve never been one to wear jewellery. However, I am the kind who will buy – just because. I’m always on the look out for unique items to wear (when I do decide to wear jewellery). In my blog surfing day (and visiting awesome sites) I went to DesignBoom and surfed the shopping area. Concrete […]

Grow Green


If I ever own a castle (or any property for that matter) I would love to do amazing landscaping. As in my previous posts – I’m a lover of typography. Via PillarBox (oh how I love thee) – I came across this lovely design done by Curb, a company that “offers a unique portfolio of […]

Ok -I’m getting better at blogging at a regular pace. Though – I did miss Friday’s edition, I made up for it yesterday (I hope!). I came across this stunning campaign via Graphic-Exchange. Created by UK Designer Shaz Madani, “this proposal campaign was for Artic Paper to merge the gap between high quality creativity and […]

Did you know that this infamous quote never actually appears in any of the novels? Check it out to see! I’ve been dying to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie. This is because A) I love Guy Ritche B) new found star crush on Robert Downey Jr D) Girl Crush on Rachel McAdams C) I […]