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Great Scott!


Another glorious (insert sarcasm) day in Vancouver. It is once again rainy and cloudy! Ugh – As I once heard from someone “Vancouver is the only place where gum boots are made fashionable”.  All rain aside,I cannot imagine living anywhere else. It is one of those days where it’s a bit gloomy, but every once […]

Hope for Haiti


The aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Haiti is absolutely heartbreaking; to see so many people without homes, running water or food. Especially in a country where it was already on the brink of fall down due to economic and political turmoil. In time of sadness, we realise that we are all human beings sharing […]

Pencil me in


Before I decided to become a designer – I wanted to write novels. I’m a lover of books (amongst other things) and I am on a constant look out for the next great novel to dissect. As a child, I used to write massive short stories on lined loose leafed paper, create a cover and […]

Happy Friday everyone! Sorry to be neglecting my posts (there goes my NY’s resolution). Life has been a bit crazy – but I plan on doing better next week! As you may know – I’m a great lover of magazines. This past year…we’ve seen the sad passings of great magazines such as I.D. and Decor. […]

High Kicks


Whoot – the sun is shining! Also, today is my sisters’ birthday – so Happy Birthday kiddies! I like Spring-time weather as it’s the perfect balance between wearing sweaters and skirts at the same time. Especially in Vancouver where you can pretty much wear that sort of clothing all year around (except the rain can […]

Colour bits


I love that Spring is coming! Living in Vancouver – the city is vibrant with gorgeous scenery and natural colour, it is amazing. Though – due to unusual warmth (just in time for the Olympics a few weeks ago!) the cherry blossoms are blooming…a few months too soon. Having said that – I simply **LOVE** […]

Oh deer


I’ve said it here before…I’m a lover of magazines! Well anything really design-related (that is beautiful natch!) I frequently post magazines because I find it is a dying art form as media moves more digital. Fortunately there are online services that provide magazines a digitized version of their print form. I’ve mentioned Above Magazine in […]