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I usually more or less write about design (or anything related to design). Rarely do I deviate from those topics. But today, I feel compelled to write outside of those topics. Please excuse this  post if you’re easily offended because there will be some expletive words and outright honesty. Vancouver is a beautiful city. Gorgeous […]

Havana Nights


I’m back from my tropical vacation in beautiful Cuba! One week is simply NOT long enough. I enjoyed sipping mojitos and just drinkin’ in all of the fantastic offerings of this cultural rich country. Cubans are about the most friendly (and genuine) people I’ve met in a long time. If you ever decide to take […]

Happy Holidays!


I finally made my shortbread cookies! I always need to have shortbread cookies during the holidays. I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday! May you receive everything you want and be thankful for what you already have 🙂 I know y’all want some!

So another week begins on the job hunt  – I know I haven’t posted anything in a few weeks as it has been pretty much the same. I have applied at a few places via internet and postings but nothing so far. Oh – but at least I’ve had a few ‘thanks, but no thanks’ […]

Flash Dance


no – not the Jennifer Beals’ version! Though it would give me a good excuse to get some leg warmers! Sunday marked my first day at my FLASH class. I took FLASH when I was first studying to be a designer. Some of the great things about FLASH is that it allows great design and […]

On the job front – nothing concrete so far. This is about week 3 of unemployment. So far – I’m not exactly ready to climb the walls … though I did have A’s parents come to visit from la belle province and I’m also in school to keep me a bit occupied. A few phone […]

By now we’ve all heard the news of Swayze’s death due to Pancreatic cancer. I, for one, will definitely miss his body of work – how many of us from the this generation and rented (back in the days of VHS) this movie NUMEROUS times. I think this movie set the bar for all romance […]