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I’m totally jealous that Jean Paul Gaultier made a stop in Montreal. JPG attended the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’ opening of The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk. One of the first international exhibition devoted to the couture extraordinaire. Absolutely adore his work. He seems to turn everything […]

I’m still recovering from my Europtrip – ever so often I get wistful for another beer or schnitzel <<– wow was able to spell schnitzel without spellcheck. I’m still wafting through the massive photos of the trip – I did catch one weird shot: I’d still like to do this montage! However I did lose […]

I apologise for the slight delay in my posts as I was away for the Victoria Long weekend (no internet!).Other than visiting my parents (who do not have a computer) – the mini-getaway was nice. So, it gives me time to catch up on the latest finds in my search for all things beautiful. Today […]

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I’ve said it here before…I’m a lover of magazines! Well anything really design-related (that is beautiful natch!) I frequently post magazines because I find it is a dying art form as media moves more digital. Fortunately there are online services that provide magazines a digitized version of their print form. I’ve mentioned Above Magazine in […]

I had the great privilege of attending school with some great designers. During the duration of the program, these people were like family for a few semesters. Late night projects, beers after class and just plain hanging out. One of the designers, Kris Blizzard, whom I went to school with, is now Creative Director of […]



UGH – one thing about living in Vancouver…you need to deal with the rain for about 9 months out of the year (if not more). The past few weeks have been rain, rain rain…the sunshine did make an appearance a few times. However, with any gloom you need to look for a silver lining somewhere! […]

All too often – we tend to forget what kind of world we live in. As a designer/marketer – my career has been based on how can we communicate our message, how can we get through the noise of the market, how can we just make it sell. Living in this modern age – we […]